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Real Life Christian Academy's reputation for academic excellence has drawn familes to the Academy for thirty years.  We have a superior academic program that gives students critical skills for life success, providing a depth-oriented college prep program of studies. 

We are fully accredited by ACSI and our curriculum meets or exceeds local, state and national standards.   Each year we evaluate segments of our curriculum to be sure that we are offering the best available for each subject in each grade level.  We utilize a variety of curricula, include Abeka, Bob Jones, Saxon and others, capitalizing on the strengths of each and with a focus on student success.

  • Emphasis on reading and math in early grade school
  • Critical thinking in upper grade school and middle school
  • We do not study to the test -  no FCAT
  • Most high school courses are honors level
  • Strong emphasis on writing in high school
  • Hands on science classes
  • Students take PE, art, music and other enrichment classes
  • Bible is a required subject
  • Christian integration in all courses
  • Elective choices for all upper school students
  • Students participate in weekly chapel 

We have to have high standards for our kids, because self-esteem comes from achievement, not from lax standards and false praise..

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