Athletics Department Staff

Real Life Christian Academy offers an active athletic program with more than 55 teams for students from kindergarten through 12th grade that are led by a dedicated team of coaches.

Debi Lawson, RLCA Athletics Director

Coach Lawson joined RLCA in 2008, bringing 20 years of experience with her to build the athletic program from the ground up. Currently she is the coach for middle school girls basketball, varsity girls basketball, varsity girls volleyball, and the spring volleyball program. In 2015, she coached the varsity girls volleyball team to a national championship, and in 2013 led both the girls basketball and girls volleyball teams to state championships. Under her leadership, the level of play in competitive athletics at RLCA has risen significantly, leading to RLCA join the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), a more competitive league for high school athletics. There are more than 55 athletic teams for students of every age at RLCA, and Coach continues to enhance and grow the program annually.


    • Peggy Alex – RLCA teacher, Coach girls varsity softball
    • Jess Bee-Willis – Real Life Christian Church staff, Assistant Coach girls varsity softball
    • Aaron BenDavid – CoachBoys middle school basketball
    • David Bohner – Coach and RLCA teacher Middle and high school cross country, boys junior varsity basketball, middle school track
    • Mike Boyack – Assistant Coach Boys varsity baseball
    • Chad Clark – Real Life Christian Church Staff, Coach varsity boys Basketball
    • Eric Dahl – Assistant Coach boys varsity baseball
    • Sue King – RLCA teacher, Coach girls junior varsity volleyball, cheerleading
    • Denise Kos – RLCA teacher, Coach girls middle school volleyball
    • Mike Koronka – Coach boys varsity baseball
    • Matthew LaSenna – Real Life Christian Church Staff, Coach boys U12 baseball
    • Ron Lawson – Coach boys varsity golf
    • Josh Norton – RLCA teacher, Coach boys middle school soccer, boys middle school baseball, Assistant Coach boys varsity baseball
    • Junior Prescod – Coach boys varsity soccer
    • Nichole Prescod – RLCA teacher, Coach boys varsity soccer
    • Brandon Ragbir – RLCA teacher, Coach girls soccer
    • Justin Richards – Assistant Coach boys basketball
    • Josh Wilmore – Assistant Coach boys junior varsity basketball

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