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The character of a school is not found in a building or curriculum. It shows itself on the faces of the teachers, parents and students. It is more a feeling or inkling, and you know it when you see it.

Sometimes prospective students ask us, "What is it like to attend Real Life Christian Academy?" Real life is known for superior academics, but we are so much more.  Real Life is a place to experience all that God has to offer.  It is a place to discover His world in ways you have never thought about.

At Real Life you can achieve more than you thought possible, not only academically but as a person.  Students truly enjoy each other and their learning experiences.  Perhaps best of all, we can worship and praise God with genuine worship -- we are free to be real.

Real Life is life changing.  We invite you to visit our campus and experience it first-hand.  

I love that I can drop my child off to school and know that she's safe and loved by all the staff. 

-rlca mom