College and Career Planning

Planning for success beyond high school is a key role of the Student Services team. We are committed to helping students understand and evaluate their options, whether pursuing college or a career path. The goal is to find the best fit for the student. Our team has the skill and expertise to help guide families through this process.

For high school students we provide:

    • Annual individualized coaching meetings (for parents and students)
    • College representative visits on RLCA campus
    • Expert Speaker Series
    • Essay writing assistance
    • Standardized testing plans
    • Student college and career workshops
    • Community service opportunities
    • College resource material

Graduation Requirements

At RLCA, our students must attain 24 specific course credits to meet the requirements necessary to earn a high school diploma. By meeting the RLCA requirements, a student will also have the acquired the coursework to meet the prerequisites for both the Bright Futures Scholarship and the Florida State University System.