Technology is a tool. Our goal is to prepare our students to think and appropriately harness the power of technology to navigate the challenges of our world. We strive to use technology responsibly and have thoughtfully integrated its use into our educational programs to develop and strengthen the healthy dynamics of academics and Christian fellowship.

Professional development for our teachers is a vital component of successfully integrating technology into teaching and learning. The academy will be incorporating the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards into our curriculum. The ISTE standards not only provides guidance for appropriate usage, it also provides a bank of educational research and resources for educators.

We will be introducing laptop computer usage into our 9th – 12th grade classes in our 2017-18 school year. Each student will be required to bring a laptop to school daily and incorporate it in appropriate ways. Chromebook carts are already integrated into middle school classroom usage with additional student access to our computer lab. We use iPads within lower school to support student learning through Accelerated Reader, curriculum targeted applications and other developmentally appropriate means of support. Expect a wide range of usage from class to class as well as teacher to teacher.

Safety of usage

Safety is paramount in our use of technology. We have put into place accountability measures to help ensure our students have a safe environment for learning on-campus.

Our approach is to wisely use technology and harness its capabilities and applications in an environment where students are supervised and a number of safety measures are in place. Additional relevant student, parent and teacher sessions will be hosted during the school year to introduce and reinforce the wise and effectual use of computers.


We offer continuous training for students, teachers and parents. As in all aspects of education, we believe parents, students and the school are most effective when working toward the same goal. Technology is no exception.

Once off campus, the responsible, safe usage lies in the home and we are committed to ensuring resources are available to support the wise usage and stewardship of technology at school and at home.