Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What supporting documents do I need to include with the application?

A: These supporting documents are required to help us make informed decisions about your child. The following documents are required:

Q: Why do students take an entrance exam?

A: This exam helps us determine the current aptitude of the student and allows us to determine the appropriate academic placement for incoming students.

Q: What happens during the family interview?

A: This interview provides an opportunity for RLCA staff to meet the family, review test results, answer questions, and share the Academy’s values and expectations. Admission decisions are typically shared within one week after the interview when the admission committee review has been completed.

Q: Do you have wait lists? What is the process if we are on the wait list?

A: We do have wait lists when necessary. Some grade levels reach full enrollment quickly, so we recommend speaking with our admissions representative.

Q: What is the process for wait list?

A: You will be informed that you are on a wait list. You will be contacted when an appropriate opening occurs for the specific grade level your student is wait listed for, which could occur mid-year. At the time you are contacted, you may choose to enroll your child or pass on the opportunity and remove your name from the wait list and re-apply for the next school year.

Q: Do you accept scholarships?

A: Yes, however the number of Step-Up scholarships available is extremely limited. Please speak with our admissions representative for more information about availability. RLCA is currently at full capacity for those students eligible for the McKay scholarship programs.