Our music program offers weekly lower school classes focusing on music reading, singing, playing classroom instruments, movement, and general performance skills. In middle school, students begin to pursue different aspects of music from playing an instrument to singing in the choir, our program fosters students’ passion for a particular area of music. High school students are highly focused in their pursuit of music, honing their skills and craft with more attention to the intricacies of playing an instrument or singing.


Our music program allows students to express themselves through playing music. Our program offers a combined concert band, jazz band and pep band. For students studying stringed instruments, we offer guitar ensembles and violin ensemble opportunities.

  • Concert band plays pop and classical symphonic style with wind and percussion instruments for upper school students. Our students receive group instruction providing basic music reading and instrument playing. A number of master classes are held for specific sections throughout the year. The band performs pieces appropriate to skill level and lesson progression twice a year.
  • Jazz band features our high school students who play rhythm and horns with a high concentration on jazz and swing style music. This group plays big band music infused with opportunities for improvisational solos.
  • Our pep band entertains the crowd at our athletic events, playing traditional upbeat stand tunes during timeouts and quarters to keep the energy high.
  • Beginning guitar or violin ensemble elective is for students new to guitar, violin or music reading. The class teaches students the basics of guitar/violin playing in symphonic style to include chords and finger placement, reading music, strumming techniques, and more.
  • Students can also participate in our advanced guitar ensemble, which is for those who have the basics mastered and are ready to learn more challenging techniques and hone their playing. Both beginner and advanced groups demonstrate their skills at two performances during the school year.
  • The violin ensemble is a segment of our Fine Arts Academy which is held after school with paid group lessons each semester. The class, open to 4th – 8th grade students, teaches students the basics of violin playing in symphonic style to include chords and finger placement, reading music, bowing techniques, and more. The group is a performance ensemble which plays two concerts per year.


Students interested in pursuing vocal arts can be a part of our active choir to learn breath support, intonation, tone production, music reading, and more. They learn to sing as part of an ensemble, learning to blend their sound, shape their vowels, and sing in parts with the addition of harmony in more complex musical arrangements that are performed throughout the year. We offer middle and high school choir with opportunities.

In 2016, our high school choir was selected to participate in the Candlelight Processional at Disney’s EPCOT Center. Our choir was one of the groups selected to perform from thousands from around the world who auditioned to be a part of these celebratory performances.