Performing Arts


Our music program offers weekly lower school classes focusing on music reading, singing, playing classroom instruments, movement, and general performance skills. In middle school, students begin to pursue different aspects of music from playing an instrument to singing in the choir, our program fosters students’ passion for a particular area of music. High school students are highly focused in their pursuit of music, honing their skills and craft with more attention to the intricacies of playing an instrument or singing.

Theater Arts

With three amazing performance spaces available on our campus, Real Life Christian Academy student performances are outstanding. An annual spring production, traditionally a musical, is a collaboration of students of all ages, teachers, parents, and artists who bring the presentation to life. Participation in the performance teaches students about the intricacies of producing a quality event, the time, effort and organization it takes to execute a Broadway-style event for an audience.

We also host annual Mystery Dinner Theater and Spring Fairy Tale performances, presented by our middle and high school students in theater arts elective classes. The Mystery Dinner Theater Guests enjoy dinner and good who-dunnit that is often original student works which encourages audience participation and keeps you guessing until the very end. A Spring fairy tale is performed for elementary students and the high school comedy we perform for upper school students are all performed by the theater arts elective classes.

Our productions provide RLCA students as well as homeschool students, with a variety of opportunities to be involved in every aspect of event, from providing backstage, lighting and prop support, building sets and working with the church production team to the acting on stage, makeup, costuming, marketing, and advertising of the event to the ushers welcoming guests.