Forms & Resources

We are excited to have you participate in our athletic program! To get started there are some forms that need to be completed and submitted to our Athletic Department. Be sure to also keep an eye on our tryout dates for the team(s) that you're interested in participating with, and to have all the necessary paperwork completed in time.

2020-2021 Athletic Forms

Required Forms

For active RLCA students, please complete and/or provide a copy of each of the forms below to our athletic office:
  1. Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (EL2)
  2. Consent Form (EL3)
  3. Athletic Recruiting Form (GA4)
  4. Academic Performance Contract (EL5)
  5. Transfer or New Student Form (EL6)
  6. COVID-19 Screening Form
  7. Student Athlete Commitment & Sportsmanship Form
  8. Athletics Handbook
  9. Copy of their Birth Certificate
Required NFHS Courses
In conjunction with these forms, FHSAA requires that student athletes complete the following short courses through NFHS in order to participate. Please provide a Certificate of Completion for each of the following courses:
Homeschool Students
For Homeschool students who are interested in participating in one of our teams, please print the following packet and submit all paperwork to the Homeschool Director or Homeschool Athletic Assistant.

  1. Athletics Handbook & Forms Packet
If you have questions about your eligibility or status as a homeschool student, you may reference the Homeschool Eligibility FAQ Document or contact our Athletic Director Debi Lawson via email at dlawson@getreallife or by phone at (352) 394-5575 ext. 5019.

After School Mentoring Program

Our After School Mentoring Program is designed as a grade recovery program. Any student in extra-curricular activity with a failing grade or cumulative GPA below 2.0 in all their current classes, will be required to attend on a weekly basis, for the entire week, except Wednesday.

*Any RLCA student is able to attend the After School Mentoring Program at any time to improve his/her grades.*

Click here for more information on our After School Mentoring Program.