The mission of the Real Life homeschool program is to provide moral support, group activities and a variety of resources to families within Real Life and our broader community who have chosen to homeschool their school-age children. Our programs provide families who are looking for fellowship of like-minded families with educational and extra-curricular resources and interaction opportunities. We are committed to Biblical standards, seeking to honor God in all that we do.

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Membership in our homeschool program includes the Real Life Christian Academy Homeschool Partnership which provides families with access and benefits.

Membership Provides Access

  • Real Life Christian Academy’s Athletics Program based on availability - CURRENTLY OFFERED TO MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY. Try-outs may be required and additional fees do apply.
  • Participation in RLCA’s monthly combined chapel services, which is scheduled on one Wednesday a month at 10 a.m.
  • Assessment and learning therapy services are available through the National Institute for Learning Development Program. Separate tuition rates apply to these services.
  • Participation in select RLCA extra-curricular activities to include: annual spring musical, Expert Speaker Series, band, and chorus (fees apply). Note: Field trips, homecoming and prom will be planned separately for homeschoolers through the Real Life Homeschool Membership.
  • Participation in Real Life Academy’s Testing. RLCA administers the PSAT test in the fall ($50 fee is required for participation). RLCA administers the Stanford test (K-8th grade) over a three- to four- day period in the spring. (Additional fee of $50 is required for participation, due in December 2017. Homeschool families must participate on the same days in which testing is administered for Academy students.). Real Life does not administer SAT or ACT testing. Homeschool families should visit either (for ACT) or (for SAT) to sign up to take these tests at East Ridge High School.

Membership Benefits

  • Annual Florida Parent-Educator Association (FPEA) membership discount. All member families receive a group code to save $10 on an annual FPEA membership.
  • Access to Real Life’s Homeschool Co-op, as space allows. The co-op meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons to provide classes which are taught by homeschool parents who have areas of expertise and in some instances professionals.
      • Parent participation is required during the hours of the co-op classes. Student drop off is not permitted.
      • Additional fees do apply for co-op classes and books.
  • Participation in annual evaluations by a certified teacher.
      • Additional fees apply and individual scheduling takes place in May-July.
  • Participation in events and activities such as field trips, prom, homecoming, and service projects (all planned by the homeschool membership, additional fees may apply).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an Umbrella Program/Covering in which Real Life Academy keeps track of my student’s records?

No. Real Life’s Homeschool Program is not an Umbrella Program. You are responsible for keeping your student’s records.

Does Real Life Academy provide the curriculum for my homeschool student?

No. You are responsible for choosing your student’s curriculum, grading their school work, and keeping track of your student’s records (as required by the county).

Can my child participate in athletics at Real Life Christian Academy if they are homeschooling through an umbrella school and/or private school?

No. Your student can only participate in athletics at RLCA as a homeschool student if they are registered with Lake County as a homeschooler. If they are homeschooling through a private school, they are considered a private school student even though they are completing their studies at home. This rule is set in place by the Athletics League.

Am I required to submit my student’s grades to the Academy?

If your student is participating in Athletics, you must provide grades to RLCA’s Athletic Director quarterly (for the season your student is playing sports). Otherwise, you are not required to submit grades to be a member of the homeschool program.

Can you help me choose curriculum for my student?

We do have a Mentor Mom program in place which can help connect you with other homeschool families who are using curriculum in which you are interested. There are hundreds of curriculum options on the market, and this decision is based on many personal dynamics within your family, as well as the best learning style for your student. While we can connect you with some resources for help in your research, the decision is ultimately in your hands as the parent/guardian.

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