Outreach & Missions

Each year, Real Life Christian Academy students participate in a variety of outreach projects, lending support to those in need and spreading the word of God as part of our Christian ministry. Our students and families participate in local outreach activities as well as domestic and international initiatives. Students in upper school can earn community service hours though the outreach activities that they participate in.

Outreach opportunities include:

Mid-India Church Partners!

In partnership with Real Life Church in an ongoing missions outreach through Mid-India Church Partners!, a missions ministry dedicated to spreading the Gospel in India through evangelism, church planting and caring for persecuted children and families.

Our students participate in Mid-India’s Shining Light program, which helps support church families by providing for children's basic needs such as tuition, books, school materials, blankets, and jackets, and and Neelam’s Kids, an orphanage in India. Each classroom has a jar in which students can donate change or items they would like to give (donations are collected once a month.) Giving is voluntary and not required.

HEART Institute

Each year, our upper school students and upper elementary students visit the HEART (Hunger Education and Resources Training) Institute for a 1-3 day off campus learning experience. HEART is an interdenominational training center designed to prepare people to serve effectively in the underdeveloped world. Located in subtropical Florida, HEART operates a village community that simulates many aspects of underdeveloped world living. Students reside in the village and are provided the opportunity for hands-on application of the many valuable skills integrated into HEART's curriculum. In addition to practical and technical skills, participants acquire problem solving and coping skills that will enable them to adapt more readily to the challenges they will face overseas. Our students benefit in several ways:

  • They learn critical leadership and problem solving skills.
  • They develop an appreciation for conditions in third world countries.
  • They get exposure to what life is like in many mission fields.
  • They receive an introduction to animal husbandry and sustainable agriculture

For more information on the HEART Institute visit their website.

Real Help Food Pantry

Students and their families partner each year with Real Help, a ministry of Real Life Christian Church, in ministering to the community's need for food. Students participate by helping to stock the Real Help Food Pantry.

Real Life is serious about attacking hunger in our community, and the generosity and partnership from our students and their families allows us to continue to meet those needs in a very practical way.

For more information on Real Help click here.